Ergobaby Adapt Carrier Preloved

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Adapt Carrier

Are you feeling mom guilt because you want to bond with your baby, but also need to get to that pile of dishes in the sink? With the Ergobaby Adapt Baby Carrier, you can go about your day like you did before your baby arrived while still being able to bond with her. Its innovative ergonomic seat grows with your baby, as it easily adjusts from week one through her toddler years (7-45 lbs), no infant insert needed, making it the perfect inclusive newborn baby carrier and toddler baby carrier. This baby chest carrier even makes it easy to breastfeed. Say goodbye to mom guilt and those dirty dishes.

3 Position Carrier

Choose between three comfortable carrying positions: front carry, hip carry, and back carry. This adaptable Ergobaby 3 position carrier is ergonomic in each carrying position, securely supporting your baby’s back, hips, legs, and knees. This allows you to find the carry position that works best for you and your baby, no matter your shape, comfort level, or the task at hand.

Carry Comfortably for Longer

With its adjustable, crossable padded shoulder straps and a thick waistband that helps evenly spread the baby’s weight across your hips, which helps take the pressure off your shoulders and back, you can do everything you want and need to do with your baby close by without straining your shoulders or breaking your back. And although lightweight, this baby carrier is still sturdy and supportive. So for those days when you want to leave your stroller behind, take our comfortable and completely capable Adapt Baby Carrier instead.

Soft and Safe for Baby’s Skin

Made from 100% premium fabric that’s cushioned yet durable, this infant carrier is soft and safe for your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. The fabric is also lightweight and breathable, keeping you from feeling like a sweaty pack mule while wearing it. It’s also machine washable.

    Ergobaby Adapt Carrier Preloved

    R 2,299.00