ITALIAN ENGINEERING AND PRODUCTION - Lab tests guarantee a level of safety well beyond that required by the standards.

CAM - Scudo Car Seat

The innovative Cam Scudo Car Seat in a rich black tone is sure to flatter your car through your little one's growth.

CAM - Quantico Car Seat

Made in Italy to guarantee all the comfort and safety that your baby needs while travelling in the car

CAM - Panoramic Car Seat

Lightweight and comfortable for baby and Kids easy travel.

CAM - Gara Car Seat

Fitted with a seat that reclines in 5 positions, padded non-slip harness protectors, soft side protections and head hugger for comfortable journeys.

CAM - Calibro Car Seat

Suitable for children aged 1-3 years, 9-36 kg.

CAM- Area Zero S138 & Isofix

Seatbelt & Isofix compatible

CAM offers you a range of standard-approved car seats designed and made in Italy to guarantee all the comfort and safety that your baby needs while travelling in the car. Available in different models, this range of products covers groups 0/1/2/3, in other words from birth up until when the car seat is no longer compulsory for your child. The range is outstanding for the high quality of the finishes, for the ergonomic design of the seat with multiple adjustment possibilities and for the strict compliance with all the EU safety regulations (ECE R44/04).

Roll-over test and seated position, strength test.Standard crash test with front impact simulation at 50km/h against a wall.Non-toxic (EN71) and phthalate-free materials (directive 2005/84/CE).


In accordance with the law, use of a child car seat is compulsory from birthuntil the child weighs 36 kilos or to the age of 12. All CAM models are standard-approved and guarantee the maximum safety for your baby: the range goes from carrycots for the first months (for newborns up to 75cm), to the more advanced, adjustable car seats (9-36kg), with the universal Isofix securing system. Choose the model that suits your needs best by checking the technical specifications at your disposal and the compatibility with your model of car.

We take care of your baby

A Safety & Quality laboratory has been created within our company where we carry out tests on our products by far exceeding what is imposed by the legislation, in order to guarantee a quality superior to that offered by the market.
For example, with regard to modular systems and strollers, the European legislation imposes 72,000 cycles on the carpet, we carry out about 500,000, even as regards the tests on the push handle the limits are 10,000 cycles, we do 30,000.

This attention and pursuit of perfection in terms of quality and safety does not only concern the products of the walking area, but our entire offer: in fact, as regards the boxes, the European legislation requires 5,000 cycles, which are carried out internally 10,000.

Offering safe and quality products is certainly one of our priorities.