BabyBjörn Carrier WE - PRELOVED

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The newest carrier from baby products powerhouse Baby Bjorn - designed to be easy wearing with a function that allows you to move the carrier from front to back while your child sits in it.

  • Easy to put on, easy to adjust, machine washable, comfortable for carrier and baby, sturdy, baby “sits” in the carrier as opposed to just dangling, very easy to take baby in and out..

As well as being able to carry baby on your front, you can also move the carrier to wear on your back. This has been a big benefit to us, as, our son (and in my mind most toddlers) much prefers being able to ride piggyback.

The one major con I noted at this point was that there was no option for baby to face forward when wearing the carrier on your front. There is only an inward position. This may be fine up until baby is around six-months-old.

But then they might start to get a bit ratty and want to see the world around them, instead of just mummy or daddy’s chest! But at least you have the option to wear the carrier on your back, so baby can get a front facing view from the back seat.


BabyBjörn Carrier WE - PRELOVED

R 1,899.00 R 4,699.00 59% Off